At Innovative Carbide, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality tungsten carbide preforms using our unique and innovative manufacturing technologies. Our new state-of-the-art plant enables us to further improve our products, allowing us to offer consistently superior quality, precision, responsiveness and customer service. Among the specific services that our company offers:
Fast Quote Turnaround – We offer one of the quickest quote turnaround times in the industry while at the same time offering competitive pricing options.
On-Time Delivery – Eight to ten day delivery on all of our work is our commitment to our customers.
Excellence in Engineering – Our engineering staff is experienced and works to ensure our products will perform effectively relative to their unique requirements. Better quality tungsten carbide preforms give our customers the competitive edge.
No-Wax Process – Carbide producers have been adding organic waxes and binders to carbide powders to improve the strength of the powder compact, but wax does not improve the quality of the carbide material. Innovative Carbide makes a better carbide preform using the no-wax process. If you require consistent material quality with dependable properties, superior strength and the capability to achieve a high quality polished finish, then you should rely on carbide preforms made with the no-wax process.
Carbide Recycling – Consider Innovative Carbide your one-stop service center. We have a system in place to purchase your scrap carbide. We will accept coated and uncoated carbide inserts, carbide preforms, grinder sludge, drills, taps, etc. All material must be free of braze and other contamination. We pay a competitive market price and arrange for pick up.
Flexible Manufacturing System – Our flexible manufacturing and CNC equipment allow us to handle everything from the simplest, one-piece part orders to custom fabrication of the most complex shapes. Innovative Carbide is unmatched in its ability to produce precise preforms with minimum grind stock.

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